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Hello Bbros fans.

This month I'm focusing on drummer extraordinaire - Bo Payne

Is Bo short for anything? Where does it come from?

It’s just Bo – its not short for anything. Inspired by Bo Diddley (the American guitarist) and Bo Hilton (the artist). People do sometimes get it wrong – usually Boo, although one teacher seriously thought my name was ’Bzero’!

What musical influences did you have at home when you were growing up? Do you come from a musical family? When did you start playing?

Dad was lead singer in a band in the 80s called Sids Taxi. They were signed to a record label and had some success. One of my earliest memories is sitting in the back of the car on the way to gigs listening to Steely Dan. This continued right up to college age.

Dad one day found a Police CD on the side of the road, and from listening to this I became a massive fan of them.

As a child I loved hitting pots and pans with bits of metal, but I didn’t actually get into drumming until later.

I had guitar lessons at school from age 7 to 10 and worked hard to get to a good standard. However, of the group of 12 he played with, only 11 were selected to play a school assembly – Bo was the unlucky one and this experience did put him off music for a while.

In year 10, I saw a film “That Thing You Do” which followed a Beatles type band, and focused on a drummer who keeps the band together. This reignited my love for music, and I followed a YouTube video to learn the title song that I then did get to play at school assembly!  

You studied music at college – is that right. Tell us about that?

Plan A was to study to be an English or Geography teacher, but I didn’t get the grades I needed so I chose music instead.

In my first year at college there was nobody to play drums so I stepped in to do that as well as playing guitar. It was the same in the second year and this is how and when I first got into playing drums.

During my time at college, I was in three bands with other students:

The Paynekillers – a pop/rock/reggae/ska band

Accidental Legends – with two brothers (but not the fabulous Wilsons), playing pop punk covers

Bowline - where I played both acoustic guitar and drums – swapping between the two with my band mate.

I also developed a keen interest in recording and production at this time (more on that another time)

Which instruments do you play these days?

Drums, guitar, and bass. Sometimes I cover base when Seb is playing keyboards.

Did you find it difficult to find your place in a such an established and close partnership?

I knew of the guys before I joined, but we weren’t friends particularly. It was a bit strange at first as they were already established. I learnt the songs before my audition, in the bluegrass style they had at that time, but they wanted help moving forward with a different sound! I started just with drums then added the singing when the line-up changed. It only really took a few weeks until we all became comfortable with each other……and I’ve never looked back!   

Is it unusual to see drummers singing? Does that have its own challenges?

It’s not that unusual but it certainly does have its own unique challenges. It’s all about the breathing – you have to make sure you have the right amount of oxygen ready to sing! My approach is to learn the instrument part really well, and then add the singing.  So for me, the drumming is subconscious, whereas the singing is more conscious.

 What’s the best thing about in Boundless Brothers?

We have a lot of shared interests, and we have a very special bond – beyond music. We’ve been through a lot together. Time off-stage is as important as time on stage. I feel like I’m 15 again when I’m with them. It’s an amazing feeling.

We’re really in-sync …its almost automatic. The music is definitely helped by our friendship and we can each show our personality through playing our instruments. There is a magic in our coming together and I love every moment together on stage.

Who do you listen to of current artists and what is it you like about them?

The 1975

Harry Styles

Wet Leg

It’s always they energy they give you, and the way they make you feel – whether that be happy or sad.

Who are your favourite drummers.?

Stewart Copeland & Phil Collins

Can you share a couple from your top tunes of all time?

Tears for Fears – Everybody wants to rule the world

Steely Dan – Ricky don’t lose that number

Police  - Beds too big without you

Your sister Chloe is in a band? Are you rivals?

Haha. No – definitely not! In fact, I sometimes play drums (or cajon) for her band, True Foxes, at gigs and have recently been recording with them in the studio.

I love helping and supporting other local musicians, and I’m always happy to share what I’ve learnt along the way.

**unashamed plug – Boundless Brothers and True Foxes will again be sharing the stage at Penlee Open Air Theatre this summer. Keep a look out - tickets will be on sale soon 😊 **

Finally, tell us something else we may not know about you..?

I played golf from age 7 to 15, nearly reaching professional standard…..but chose to pursue music instead.

Thanks for reading. Comment below to let me know what you think, ask any questions, or suggest anything you'd like to hear about in future blogs. 

Look out for the next blog in March, when I’ll be talking to Seb.







  1. So good to hear the story behind the music.

    1. Thanks. Look out for similar on Seb and Sam coming soon ....


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