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                                   Welcome back to your official Boundless Brothers blog.

This week we are going to get into more detail about the bands musical influences and their favourite tracks, plus access to their music videos. 

Boundless Brothers now fall comfortably into the Folk-Rock/Americana genre but as you'll know from the last post they started out as a Bluegrass Band and so I had lots of questions for the band about how that transition occurred, the instruments that have come and gone throughout the bands history and what life is like working with a record label. 

Here's what Sam had to say: 

"The transition from Bluegrass to Folk-Rock came quite naturally as the band grew in experience and as some band members changed too. Over the years there have been so many instruments incorporated into our sound such as acoustic guitar, banjo, madalin, double bass, violin, electric guitar, drums, and even a little bit of harmonica" 

When listening to the band you can certainly hear a lot of different influences in their music and so I probed a bit more into what they individually listened to, Sam told me: 

"As a group we have very mixed musical tastes and this all contributes to the different things we bring to our own music. Bo is a big Police fan and loves lots of reggae whereas Seb is a big fan of jazz and uses this to add a lot of different flavour to the band and our music. I love everything from Pop to Heavy Rock and so between the three of us, we each bring different things to the table so that we have something exciting to put out into the world".

With such variety in the music they like, I couldn't help but wonder which of their own tracks they liked the most ... was there a shared favourite or do they all like different tracks and which songs get the best crowd reactions? 

"Funnily enough Bo tends to like the songs we don't actually play in our sets (no spoilers yet but some of those we may start introducing soon), Seb likes Dance with the Devil and at the moment my favourite track is Grey which is our most recent. As far as as when we play at gigs, Only Love really gets everyone going and although I don't love it as much as I used to, once I see the reaction from everyone I remember why we loved it in the first place". 

Well with all that in mind what else is there to do but go and listen to some of these amazing songs ... head over to the Music Videos page (at the top of the home page) to watch and listen to some of Boundless Brothers excellent back catalogue. 

Next week we'll find out what the band has been getting up to lately, discuss career highlights so far and what gigs they have coming up, plus we'll introduce a new gigs page to the blog so you can get all your upcoming band info in one place! 



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