Industry Experience

Over their time in the UK music industry, the band have had lots of different and exciting shows and partnerships so far and they were good enough to share some of this with me for the blog. 

From starting out busking in the streets to playing gigs and festivals across the UK, boundless brothers have developed some real industry experience and one of these was featuring on BBC spotlight. This was organised by the late Norman Sheffield, who famously managed Queen, after he saw them playing at a a gig. Despite the fact he had retired from the music industry at this point, he wanted to encourage and support the band after seeing the potential and talent they had.
Unfortunately Norman passed away shortly after the BBC spotlight event but his support and encouragement undoubtedly increased the bands confidence and they will always be grateful for the opportunity. 

A few years later the band met with the independent record label Riverfish Music, everyone got on really well and so they signed up to work together. During their time with Riverfish they recorded the untold EP. They also started to record other singles however as is often the case, Riverfish were very busy and the band were so driven to get things done at pace that eventually both agreed it may be time to go separate ways. 

After this the band spent time independently recording their other EP Cause and Effect. 

Now the band are recording across different studios and independently while they build their next body of work which will be their first full album. 

The music industry took a bit hit with Covid and that changed the speed at which everything was getting done, however Boundless Brothers have been working hard on their music whenever they possibly can and are looking forward to committing fully again in the spring once the next 7 tracks are complete. 


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