New Content

Hey there Bbros, 

In order to provide you with as much info and access to the Boundless Brothers experience as possible, there have been some very exciting updates made to to the blog. 

Along the top of the blog you now have several options that will help you get your Boundless Brothers fix. 

The first feature you'll see isn't new but worth drawing attention to is the music videos page. Clicking on this page will give you direct access to Boundless Brothers music videos so you can see what they are all about find your favourite tracks. 

The second page is BRAND NEW and this is the upcoming gigs page so you'll be able to check in here regularly and find all the upcoming events that you can attend to see the band live in action. 

The third available page is also new and this provides access to all other online formats for the band, so if your favourite social media platform is Instagram or you love nothing more than listening to music on Soundcloud you will be able to access (and don't forgot to follow/subscribe) all their online formats. 

Take some time to check out all the content provided and keep your eyes peeled for another exciting post coming later this week! 


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