Upcoming gigs in 2022 and big plans for 2023

Having been a fan of Boundless Brothers right from the beginning, I am always keen to know where they are playing next and what they're getting up to and I know that all the Bbros out there reading this will be the same. 

So this week I caught up with the band to find out what their plans are for gigs during the rest of this year and what they will be up to throughout the course of 2023. 


Sam let me know that through the remainder of 2022 they will be playing locally and so this is great news for all the Bbros out there located in or near Cornwall. They're also busy planning for 2023. 

Due to the Covid pandemic things slowed down during 2020-2021. However, during that time they were still working on their music collaborating with local studios to develop and produce new tracks. 

Due to the bands hard work and commitment to making their music, they have 3 tracks currently and aim to have another 7 complete in the first part of 2023, ready to release their first full album later in the year. 

Upon the completion of the album the band will pick up where they left off pre-pandemic and are looking to expand the reach of their live performances with new venues in the south-west, and mini-tours in London, the south-east and beyond. 

They will also be looking out for festivals throughout the UK for the summer.

So, what do you think? Are you as excited as I am about what's to come for the Boundless Brothers, 2023 is set to be a truly boundless year for the band. 

Get involved. Comment below with your thoughts ... Where would you like to see the band play in the UK? Do you have any festival recommendations? Maybe you know some excellent festivals that would suit their sound? 

The band check in with the blog regularly and would love to hear from you!  


  1. We are off to the Van life vw festival at Scampston Hall near Malton in Yorkshire. You would be perfect for that. There is a Cornish singer songwriter who is also on called Tom. 5-7 May. Joanne


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