Reflecting on 2022 and looking forward into 2023


Hello Bbros fans.

As we all know, COVID has had a massive impact on the world, and affected all of us to varying degrees. There is no doubt that it stopped the music industry in its tracks in 2020, halting plans and putting careers on hold.

I recently listened back to an interview the guys did in December 2019, which had been a bumper year in terms of activity and progressing their music career. They shared their plans for the coming year – 2020 – and were looking forward to the GHOST single being completed and released,   recording more new material which would show a further evolution in their sound, and spreading their wings on the live performance front.

I was at their last pre-covid gig in Farnham, Surrey in March 2020, having no clue at the time as to what was to come. When the first national lockdown was announced the brakes were firmly applied and 2020 and 2021 were challenging for the guys to say the least. Live performances started to come back as restrictions were eased only to be halted again when further lockdowns were announced. Sadly, some of the venues they had played pre-covid have either closed permanently or not returned to providing live music.  Planning any studio recording during this time wasn’t possible. 

Fast forward two years, and it was great to see them back on stage performing regularly again in 2022, and moving forward with some of the plans they shared in that interview.  Ghost was finally released together with an accompanying video to much acclaim, and the guys were able to start thinking about and planning their future.

2023 is looking promising, with more festivals returning, and some venues showing more confidence by booking performers right through to the end of the year.  The guys have already secured a booking for New Years Eve 2023!

I asked Sam, Seb and Bo what were the positives of 2022 from their perspective, and what they were most looking forward to in 2023. Previous blogs have already hinted at some of the plans for this year.

With the world more settled (Covid wise at least), they were able to take a step back in 2022, think about what they had achieved and what their ambitions were for the future, and start planning ahead more confidently. They took the time to practice and experiment together to continue honing in on their unique sound. 

They’ve all loved getting back to performing live, with one of the highlights being playing the main stage at Warwick Festival where they felt the love and respect of a sea of people, and received a standing ovation at the end of their set. They write songs and play to make people ‘feel’, and that response demonstrates they are doing just that.  The experience really reignited their passion for what they do.

They’re looking forward to more live events in 2023, more locally initially, but with some new venues, some festivals over the summer, and then hopefully spreading their wings later in the year, and playing some larger venues.

Having up until now released two EPs and a number of singles, the guys have been itching to record and  release a full body of work in the form of a studio album for some time.  This will finally come to fruition later this year and they are excited to share their new material.


I really think 2023 has the potential to be another bumper year for Boundless Brothers, and it will be great to see their hard work and determination give them the success they deserve.


Well that’s my first blog complete! Thanks for reading.

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