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Hello BBros fans

This month I've been talking to Bass player  - Seb Wilson

What musical influences did you have at home when you were growing up? Do you come from a musical family?

Dad was rhythm guitarist and lead singer in a number of bands, one I remember was Swelter, so we used to hang out with him and other musicians and their kids. I didn’t really do much musically as a kid – I had a few drum lessons at school, and a couple of private piano lessons at home, but at the time wasn’t really hooked.

As a teenager I was into heavier stuff like Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. My taste has definitely broadened over time as I’ve been introduced to and discovered new artists and genres. 

You didn’t study music at school or college, so what were you doing and how did you get into full time music?

After school I did a foundation course for college, and went on to study Art & Design, which lead to a Graphic Design course at university. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the right course for me as I was more into drawing, so I wasn’t really enjoying it. Around 4/5 months in, Sam came to stay with me for a while, and both not enjoying what we were doing, we decided to go travelling (on the train as neither of us could drive at this point).  After a few pit stops we ended up in Penzance….the end of the line.  

I went back to University for a while but Sam stayed in Penzance and ended up hanging out with musicians. He rang one day, suggesting we formed a band.

We managed to cobble something together with some others, each of us taking on and learning an instrument. I went with double bass – it was easier to learn! I started with two basic chords and developed from there. As the band developed, and the sound began to change I moved on to electric bass, which is my main instrument today.

Sam shared in a previous blog that you were into Jazz. What sort of jazz. Any particular artists? What is it about these that appealed to you? How do you think that influence shows in the band?

Not a particular type of jazz but inspired by individual musicians.  The first was Jaco Pastorious. He really got me hooked on electric bass, and I became almost addicted to learning it, with practice and YouTube videos.  

After Bo joined the band he introduced me to other artists such as Pino Palladino, and the John Mayer Trio.

The influence is subconscious but undoubtedly influences the way I play and the ideas I have.

So which instruments do you play?

Electric bass and double bass we’ve covered.

At some point I really got into Beatles music, and this prompted me to learn acoustic guitar so that I could sing the songs and jam with others. We’ve covered a few Beatles tracks in our pub gigs over the years, and I love singing them.  

Including keyboards in our live performances and recording is something, as a band, we’ve got more into recently, and so I’ve been learning and playing that too! 

Who do you listen to of current artists?

1975 (pop), Foofighters (rock), Vulfpeck (funk), Red Hot Chilli peppers(rock)

Who have you seen live and who is still on your bucket list?

Strangely I didn’t go to my first live music event until I was 21, and that was an open-mic night in Penzance. Sam can tell you more about that night haha!

I saw 1975 with the other guys earlier this year and I’d love to see some of my jazz heroes.

What’s your favourite aspect of being in Boundless Brothers?

Although I love playing, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence initially to do it on my own. I love the camaraderie of playing music with others, sharing the enjoyment, and the mutual support we give each other. I’m close to my brother Sam so working with him is brilliant, and Bo is just like another brother to me.

Can you share a couple from your top tunes of all time?

Bohemian Rhapsody (via the film Wayne's World)

Sad but true – Metallica

A little piece of heaven – Avenged Sevenfold

Tell us something else about you we don’t know?

Passively over time I’ve become fascinated by all things Japanese. 

I’ve been a gamer since a young age, hooked on Japanese games such as Pokemon initially and then games based on Manga/ Anime (Japanese comics). This prompted an interest in the language so I could understand the games better (Sam and I are currently learning Japanese when we're travelling 😊), and a more recent interest in Japanese cuisine and culture.

Look out for the next blog in April when I’ll be talking to Sam.



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