Making the video – Oh My God

The guys have recently posted the video to go with their latest single “Oh My God”. We thought it was the perfect time to share what goes into making a Boundless Brothers music video.

The video for Grey was a departure from the norm of more story focused videos and showed a more edgy location. The guys wanted something different again for Oh My God and wanted to show the band in a more relaxed, informal way. The tempo of the track was ideal for a bit of jumping around, so that’s what they did!

Early July. The work starts way in advance of the track release date (mid-October), with a planning meeting. The band discuss and agree what needs to be in place and when for the upcoming release. As Oh My God is one of the lead tracks from the upcoming album, it was agreed a music video to accompany it was required.

One of their wishes for 2023 was to mix things up a bit by working with new people and broadening their experience. Following a recent chance meeting with video maker Mawgan Lewis (in the Co-op!), the guys agreed it would be good to work with him for this video. 

Initial contact was made to gauge interest in the project, and discuss basic costs and budget . There was interest from both sides and so the audio track, lyrics and theme were sent to Mawgan to consider. 

A videocall was arranged and Mawgan outlined four initial ideas he’d come up with.  All were great, but some more complex and expensive to make, and they guys had to decide on just one while considering available funds, time available, practicalities, and logistics.  The guys had a subsequent discussion offline and two ideas were selected to take forward to the next stage.

Mawgan then provided a ‘treatment’ document for the two options, which set out the ideas in a way to help the guys visualise the end result. Following further consideration, the guys unanimously agreed which idea they wanted to go with.


At this time potential filming dates were discussed, but it was peak summer, the guys busiest time, so the options were limited. The only feasible option was August Bank Holiday Monday! No peace for the wicked 😒

Mawgan then provided a more detailed treatment showing the plan in finer detail, and other requirements to make it happen. A potential venue was identified and then visited to make sure it was suitable.  St Just Old Town Hall turned out to be perfect as it was local but also had a historic connection to the band. Bo grew up just down the road, and the guys had played there early in their music career. The stage backdrop was looking a bit worse for wear so it was agreed the guys would repaint this as part of the deal with the venue. 

A shopping list for props was agreed, and then clothing for the shoot discussed.

One week before filming and a panicked shopping spree was undertaken followed by a craft night at Sam’s cutting out all the (very many) hearts required to create the set!

Once the clothing theme had been agreed, the guys were dispatched on a last minute ‘treasure hunt’ for suitable items. Much to everybody’s relief they returned with all components in hand.

Two days before filming and the stage backdrop is painted, and then the day before the band’s equipment is set up on stage alongside the staging and props for the first part of filming. 

Late August. Filming day. Start at 10.  The first scene theme sees the guys looking bored and expressionless under a stripped out set. They perform to the track multiple times filmed from different angles and with different cameras, until Mawgan is happy he has sufficient material for the edit.

The ‘production assistants’ (i.e. friends and family 😊) then spring into action to transform the set into a wonderland of hearts and balloons, and then after a quick costume change, filming recommences. The second scene theme gives the guys a chance to have some fun with a lively colour filled performance. They again perform to the track multiple times until Mawgan is happy he has sufficient material for the edit. There is no holding back this time – the 'direction' from Mawgan is to go mad, rock out and enjoy themselves!

The final element was the dancers.  They were sent the audio track and asked to put together short routine. They arrive on set and after some quick introductions, do a run through on the stage to iron out any last-minute issues. They change into their performance outfits which are again all in red to join in with the theme. They perform their routine to the track multiple times again from different angles and with different cameras, before then joining together with the band for some fun together for the finale of the video.  

Once filming has finished it’s all hands on deck to pack up the gear, dismantle the set and clean up the hall. Quite an intense day, but good fun along the way.

Mawgan edits all the material into a ‘first cut’ for the guys to review and give feedback on. After only a few minor tweaks, a final version is produced that everybody is happy with.

By this point the tracks release date has been announced and the pre-release marketing campaign has begun. Camera shots from the filming day are used together with a mini-clip from the video to tease what’s coming.

Mid-October. The Final video with fully mastered audio track is uploaded to YouTube just in time for release day, and a YouTube watch party is set up for 7PM to premier the video. JOB DONE!

Massive thanks to Mawgan Lewis from Purple Knif for the ideas, the set creation, the filming, the direction, the editing and generally being a top man and helping bring it all together.

Purple Knif – Inventive Video Production

Also big thanks to the dancers from Strut In Heels for putting something together at short notice, joining in the fun and trusting in the end result!

Strut in Heels (@strut_in_heels) • Instagram photos and videos

Thanks for reading. Comment or ask questions below. 



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